Insurance Payment Card


Here is everything you need to know about your Insurance Payment Card.
How does the Insurance Payment Card work?’s Insurance Payment Cards can be used for in-store payments, contactless transactions and have a chip and PIN. The card can also be used to make online purchases. In general the cards will be accepted at medical and health-related facilities and merchants. The specific setup depends on the individual insurance set up.Card holders snap a picture of each invoice and the system automatically categorises expenses based on the merchant’s category, and by that eliminates the need to manually enter information.
Who transfers money on the Insurance Payment Card?
Each account using the card is connected to the individual's insurance. The insurance ensures a steady flow of funds, so expenses can be covered at all times. Limitations and spending limits will be communicated individually by your insurance.
Can the Insurance Payment Card used everywhere?
No, the card will be limited to being used at your insurance policy-related facilities and merchants (e.g. pharmacies, doctor offices accepting card payments, etc.). The exact configuration will depend heavily on your insurance and the respective policy.
Do I still need to request reimbursement?
No, since the insurance covers your expense upfront, a reimbursement request is being made redundant. However, you will still need to provide an invoice and other relevant documents (e.g. prescription) for your claim assessment. Depending on your policy a cost share might apply and will be deducted from your personal payment card which you provide with during ordering your card.

Help Centre

You need support with your payment card? Find answers to the most common questions here.
Account creation and getting started
How to create a account
1. Create an account with the email address you also use with your insurance
2. After you signed up you will receive an email to activate your account
Ordering a card
How do I order my card?
To order your card you will need to go through a few steps and provide some crucial information:
1. Credentials of your insurance (e.g. membership ID, policy ID, insurance ID, etc.)
2. Full name
3. Delivery address (in case you will receive a physical card)
4. Phone number
5. Personal payment card
Why am I being blocked from ordering a card?
If you are faced with the prompt 'It seems like you don't meet the requirements to proceed with setting up a payment card.' it might be that the number you entered for ‘Membership ID’ is incorrect. Please try to re-enter the correct number, in case there was a typo.

If you are still facing the same issue, it could be that the entered number doesn’t match the number your insurance selected for receiving a payment card. In this case, please get in touch with your insurance to find out more.
Why is a personal payment card required to order a card?
Your personal payment card is required to cover the costs your insurance will not cover for you. Depending on your policy your claim will be assessed and a cost share may apply. If that is the case, the amount of your cost share will be charged from your personal payment card.
Card delivery & activation
How do I activate my card?
Once you receive your card, log in with your account. You will be prompted right away with the possibility of activating your card. If this is not the case, you can also go into ‘My cards’ through the main menu on the top right corner and enter the card activation process from there. Simply hit the ‘Activate card’ button.

During the card activation process you are required to enter the card number of the card you received, as well as the CVV number. Both can be viewed on the back side of your card.
Activation of my card doesn’t work
If you see the error message ‘Your card couldn’t be activated', please follow the instructions and re-type the correct number in the input field.

However, if you still face the issue after several attempts and you are sure that the number is typed in correctly, there might be a different reason why it is not working. In this case please reach out to our C Team.
I haven’t received my card, what can I do?
If you haven’t received your card yet and a time of at least ten days has already passed, please reach out to our Customer S Team and we will look into your delivery details and if needed trigger a new card delivery for you.
Using the payment card
How do I pay with my card?
Your payment card works like any other physical payment card. You can choose to pay in a store (Chip and PIN) or online by entering the necessary details. Please be aware that your payment card is limited to specific merchants only (e.g. medical and health-related facilities or merchants only).
How do I find the PIN for my physical card?
You can view your PIN anytime within your account.

View your PIN
1. Log into your account
2. Go to ‘Account settings’ within the main menu (top right corner)
3. Go to ‘My card’
Click on ‘View PIN’
Can I use my payment card abroad?
Your payment card will be accepted worldwide. You don’t need to take any further steps when using your payment card, just make sure to use the PIN code you set up in the beginning when it’s needed.

When you make a purchase, you will see the transaction in your ‘Payments & Claims Overview’.

Please note that the transaction will show up in foreign currency. For claim assessment the original purchase amount will always be converted to EUR (€). If a cost share applies, the original conversion rate will be used, but the charged amount might be slightly lower or higher depending on the exchange rate. applies the same exchange rates as VISA.
How do I approve online transactions?
When you shop online with your payment card, you might see more websites asking for an extra layer of security. This is called 3-D Secure and it helps prevent fraud. For this you’ll receive a SMS with instructions to approve your payment. Just make sure your phone number is current. You can update it in 'Account Settings' under 'Personal Information'.
My card has been declined, what now?
If your card has been declined, it could be due to either of these reasons:

1. The transaction was declined on the merchant’s side due to network error or a similar issue:
In this case your merchant will likely let you try to pay again and the transaction should go through after a second attempt
2. The transaction was declined on the payment processor side:
In this case, multiple reasons could prevent the transaction from being accepted.
a) You might have used the wrong PIN to verify the transaction
b) Or the merchant you are trying to make a purchase at is not part of the enabled merchant categories. These are defined by your insurance (e.g. pharmacies, the doctor’s office accepting card payments, etc.). The exact configuration will depend heavily on the insurance and the respective policy.

If you are facing a declined transaction and are able to rule out any of the reasons above and are positive that the merchant should be enabled, please reach out to our Concierge Team and we will look into the specific details of your payment.

In the meantime, please follow the standard submission flow for reimbursement requests of self-paid claims via your insurance.
What do I need to know about refunds?
You made a purchase with your payment card and now want to refund an item? Since all refunds are subject to the merchant’s refund policy, please get in touch with your merchant in case your item is refundable.

Whenever a refund comes in, the transaction will have the state ‘Refunded’, both visible in the Payments & Claims Overview and the Transaction Details Page. You will not be able to add any documents and submit a claim, since it’s no longer an expense.

If you only got a refund for some of your purchased items, the amount will be changed and you will be able to submit your claim for the remaining amount.
My card got charged twice, what do I do?
What to do if you notice a double charge
In the majority of cases, seeing the same payment twice doesn't mean that the merchant has charged your card. Instead, it's likely for one of these two reasons:

1. The payment amount was never claimed by the merchant
2. The payment amount was claimed by the merchant, but a refund has been issued

If you already attached and submitted your claim, but the documents were added to the ‘refunded’ transaction, your claim will still be assessed as usual. A claim manager might just attach the documents to the right transaction on your behalf.
Attaching important documents and claim submission
How do I add a paper invoice to an expense?
To add a paper invoice to your payment, click on the specific transaction you want to submit the claim for. You will find the possibility to ‘Add documents’ in the ‘Transaction details’ page of your expense. You can choose to open the camera, to snap a picture of your paper invoice. Once you have added all the relevant documents, just ‘Submit’ your claim.
How do I add a digital document to an expense?
To add a digital document to your payment, click on the specific transaction you want to submit the claim for. You will find the possibility to ‘Add documents’ in the ‘Transaction details’ page of your expense. You can choose to upload files from media (or similar, depending on your device’s system). Once you have added all the relevant documents, just ‘Submit’ your claim.
What if I am missing an invoice?
Since all purchases made with your insurance payment card are funded upfront, you always need a photo of the original invoice for claim assessment purposes.

If you forgot to ask for a paper invoice when you used your insurance payment card in-store, or you lost the invoice, please get in touch with your merchant and try to get another copy of the invoice. won’t be able to help you in such a case and your claim will be treated as any other non-submission case: Your personal payment card will be charged the full amount after the submission period has expired. If you haven’t been asked to provide a personal payment card, your insurance will reach out to you for further guidance.
Claim assessment and cost share
How long does it usually take until my claim is assessed?
Assessing your claim shouldn’t take longer than a couple of days. During the assessment, your claim will be shown in the ‘In review’ state. Once your claim has been assessed, you’ll find more information on the amount of your cost share, the reason and the settlement details.
What is a cost share?
A cost share is the amount you personally need to cover for an expense. The individual amount will be assessed by your insurance depending on your policy. Once the amount of your cost share is available, we will let you know via email. You will also be able to read up on the reason for your cost share.
In which cases will my personal payment card be charged?
Your personal payment card will only be charged if a cost share applies to your expense. We will let you know before about the exact amount and the reason for cost share. Account: Troubleshooting
I’m having trouble logging in, what do I do?
What to do if you see an error message
If you see an error message, it could be that the email address or password you entered had a typo or didn’t match an existing account. In this case try typing in your credentials one more time. If you forgot your password, you can reset it easily by clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’.

What to do if you don’t receive a code for the two-factor-authentication
If you have not received your verification email please check your spam or trash folder.

If you still haven't received the email, please reach out to our Customer Service Team who will gladly help you get access to your account.
I want to change or update my personal payment card, how do I do that?
It's easy! Just head to the ‘Account settings’ section within the main menu (top right corner) and go to ‘Payment methods’. You’ll be able to add a new payment method at any time or just update the existing one.
How can I reset my password?
That’s easy!

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it on the login screen by clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’.

If you are already logged in, you can also reset your password at any time within the ‘Account settings’. To do so, click on the Menu icon on the top right corner, choose ‘Account Settings’, and click on ‘Change password’.
How can I delete my account?
The deletion of your account is possible at any time. To do so, simply click on the Menu icon in the bottom right corner, then on ‘Account Settings’ and finally select ‘Delete account’. Of course, all your personal data will be irrevocably deleted in accordance with the GDPR.

Already submitted receipts will be processed by your health insurance company, but documents that have only been uploaded won’t be submitted to the insurance company. You will be charged the full amount on your personal payment card.
I want to file a complaint
You can file a complaint by writing an email to