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We reinvent the claims process by embedding modern payment solutions

Our solution eliminates the friction in the claims process while putting effective cost controls in place.

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Payment cards

Our payment card comes in two convenient formats: a tangible plastic card or as a digital card within a member's mobile wallet. Upon activation, members can utilize it at any healthcare facility worldwide. Payments to medical facilities are facilitated using the insurer's funds, ensuring a smooth transaction process. Our comprehensive ecosystem has inbuilt mechanisms to manage any shortfall, such as co-pays, deductibles, or rejected amounts. This can be seamlessly recuperated from the member's bank account or personal credit/debit card, allowing for effortless financial management and a hassle-free user experience.

Direct payments

Empowering merchants with our innovative payment feature, we facilitate direct reimbursement through private health insurance. We're proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partners including online pharmacies, retail pharmacies, and software providers for doctor's and therapist's offices. Our services are currently operational in Germany, and we're excited to announce that we'll be expanding to additional markets soon.

What we offer

10x Better User Experience
Central to our transformational solution is a payment card, issued in partnership with Visa. This isn't merely another prepaid card. It's a comprehensive mechanism facilitating swift reimbursements from insurers and providing real-time coverage of member liabilities. Our solution transforms the process of claiming medical expenses into a cashless, seamless, and uncomplicated experience for insured members.
Revamping Claims Handling
More than just flexible and user-friendly, our payment card mechanism is intelligent and secure. We've created a product that surpasses the conventional functionalities of a payment card, aiming to automate a significant portion of the claims management process. By eliminating manual tasks like invoice data entry and payment reconciliation, and reducing the need for reimbursement processing, we help our partners achieve an impressive reduction in claim processing time. Partners experience a notable 45-50% time saving compared to traditional reimbursement claims, streamlining operations for a more efficient and effective service.
Reducing Fraud
With every claim directly linked to a specific transaction from our payment card, the potential for fraudulent submissions is drastically minimized. Enhanced by our robust anti-fraud algorithms, our system offers a comprehensive layer of security. Additionally, sophisticated solutions designed to verify members and providers add another level of assurance against fraudulent claims, contributing to a safer, more reliable experience for all parties involved.
Easy & Seamless Integration
At hi.health, we understand the complexities of integrating new technologies into existing systems. That's why we've built our payment card solution with ease of integration at its core. Our system has been designed to seamlessly merge with an insurer's existing infrastructure, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth transition.Our dedicated technical support team works closely with your IT staff throughout the integration process to ensure a swift and efficient setup, so you can start offering enhanced services to your insured members without delay.